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Links to other sites of interest

    Developer sites
    DevShed (Almost anything & everything!)
    PHPBuilder (PHP stuff)

    Domain registration/Web hosting
    NetRegistry (hosting this site)

    Forums/Chat Groups
    Whirlpool (ISP comparisons and ADSL stuff)

    Operating Systems & Enterprise Solutions
    Apple (Mac OS X)
    Astaro (Linux firewall product and more!)
    Debian (Linux variant)
    Linux (Linux org)
    Knoppix (Linux variant)
    Microsoft (Windows!)
    Novell (What a novel idea!)
    RedHat (Linux variant)
    SuSE (Linux variant)

    PHP (Win/Unix/Linux/Others)

    Epson Products
    HP (Hewlett Packard)

    Quoteworld (online quotes)

    SANS Institute (Excellent information)
    Gibson Research (Excellent information and quick checks)

    SQL Server/Client
    FileMaker (Win/Mac)
    MySQL (Win/Unix/Linux/Others)

    Adobe (Acrobat Reader)
    WinZip (archival utility)
    ZoneAlarm (personal firewall)

    Web servers
    Apache (Win/Unix/Linux/Others)

another SPIRAT initiative