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Our aims and objectives are:

  • 1. To provide excellent service, all of the time.
  • 2. To actively listen to our customer's needs and advise them on how we may fulfill their requirements.
  • 3. To speak in easy to understand language.
  • 4. To provide simple and effective solutions to seemingly complex problems.
  • 5. To be flexible in our approach to your problems and to offer alternative solutions.
  • 6. To deliver quality service, on time, at a realistic price.
  • 7. No problem is ever too big nor too small.

What can we do?

    Usually anything to do with computers, software, internet, telephone and data cabling and specialist electronic equipment. That is, we can provide service, repair and support.

    Whether it be answers to simple questions or specialist consult on live data backups of your databases. The range and scope of work does vary and depends on the level of service you require.

    Here are some of the things we can do:

  • internet/intranet web design, interface programming and publishing;
  • support for quality document preparation and templates;
  • generation of policies, procedures and work instructions;
  • support for various databases (MySQL, MS SQL & FileMaker Pro);
  • support for Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Access & Power point);
  • training, coaching and mentoring;
  • support for various Apple products;
  • support for data backups, media migration, data restoration and file recovery;
  • support for computer setup and configuration for various software and hardware packages, including internet connectivity;
  • support for networks and printers;
  • data and telephone cabling;
  • electronic equipment service and repairs;
  • support for virus detection and deletion;

  • If you require help with any of these or are looking for someone with a particular skill in another related area of interest, whether it be part-time, once-off, ad-hoc, give us a call and see what we can provide for you today.

For all service enquiries, please contact: service@spirat.com.au

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