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160m antenna
  Another antenna for 160m.

This picture shows the first 70 feet (21.3 metre) of pvc insulated wire wound over a 2 inch (50mm) pvc conduit. The length approaches 5 foot six inches! I've used guy ropes (tent) to support the pipe. The base is bolted directly to an earth stake. The wire and the earth stake feed a bnc socket near the bottom which is used for the cable termination.
  Full height view.

The other 70 feet of cable goes up the spout, across to a nylon rope support about 12 feet high and diagonally across the yard to the same at the other end. The wires in the background are 3 phase high tension cables, out in the street at about thirty odd feet. This antenna really does work. It is flat across the band and well worth trying. A bit more vertical height would possibly make this better.
  Update (July 2007)

Since putting up the flagpole and feeding the end of the wire to the top (getting more height) this antenna has performed much better. It has consistently had a low vswr over the last few months (wet winter) with excellent signal reports on transmit and low noise levels on receive.
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