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Christmas holiday project
  4 element beam for 6m

This antenna was knocked up quickly from 25mm square aluminium tubing (boom) and 10mm diameter tubing (elements. The gamma match was made from a length of brazing rod inserted into a length of RG58CU outer sheath and slipped into a length of 8mm aluminium tubing. The brazing rod was soldered to an N connector mounted through the boom. An off-cut was used as a shorting bar.
  Gamma match detail - rear view

This picture shows the rear view of the gamma match assembly. The black dot is a plastic blank plug which provides rear access to the solder connection of the N connector and the brazing rod.
  Gamma match detail - front view

This picture shows the front view of the gamma match assembly with N connector. You can see the black outer sheath of RG58 cable covers the full length of brazing rod through the boom to the connector and through the capacitor (Al tube).
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