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2m & 70cm dual J-Pole
  Version 2

This antenna is the "bee's knees" for a single connection dual antenna for both the 2 metre and 70cm band. I have an Icom IC-7000 and the output for 2m & 70cm is via a single output connection. The solution was easily available via the internet. Some pics I found can be seen at www.ve3sqb.com/hamaerials/on4cfc/id28.htm. Nice work. Design details can be found on the Arrow Antennas website - www.arrowantennas.com/inst/ijpole.html.
  Different base

To improve and maintain a better vswr for both 2m and 70cm, I chose an alternative connection (BNC) than the SO-239 type and used a square tube for the base/support section. The bnc connection maintains a better impedance at 70cm and provides a quick connect / disconnect feature.
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