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Making a speaker microphone.
Recycling a keypad microphone.

This project involved the conversion of a retired keypad microphone into a speaker microphone.
Finished speaker microphone
In the beginning...

Here are some of the parts used for this project.

Recycled microphone bits
Remove the unnecessary bits.

I removed the bits that were no longer used. This included the removal of the keypad, pcb, screws and plastic mounts, etc.

Microphone inside view
Cut out the cloth retainer.

I use the pcb as a template to cut out the shape of the speaker grille cloth retainer. The flywire I used was the black aluminium variety. Make sure the orientation of the material is correct before cutting.
Speaker grille retainer.
Cut out speaker grille cloth.

The same is done for the speaker grille cloth. This will be sandwiched between the front microphone grille and the flywire retainer.
Speaker cloth
Time to fit the bits inside.

This photo shows the internal view of the various parts. Hot melt glue was used to secure the speaker, retainer and speaker grille cloth to the internal microphone housing. This also adds some additional weight which gives the mike "a nice feel".
Internal view of parts fitment

The microphone was reasonably successful. The receive audio level was sufficient and the microphone clarity on transmit was better than the one it replaced! Neither suffered from interference with the other.
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