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Transmission Line Transformers

Author : Jerry Sevick, W2FMI
Publisher : Noble Publishing Corporation
ISBN : 1-884932-18-5
EAN : 2185

This fourth edition contains all the valuable information from earlier editions: the classic techniques of Guanella and Ruthroff as well as hundreds of real transformers constructed and measured to establish the practical levels of bandwidth and loss performance that can be obtained with transmission transformer techniques. Three new chapters cover:
    Transmission Line Transformer Efficiency
    Notes on Power Combiners and Mixer Transformers
    Equal-Delay Transformers
The new information includes observations and analyses by Jerry Sevick intended to clarify the principles behind the operation of these transformers. An entirely new chapter presents the family of equal-delay transformers that enable designers to obtain the benefits of transmission line transformer performance with a wider range of transformation ratios. Written by Gary Breed, K9AY, this chapter maintains Sevick’s practical tone with construction details and performance evaluation of a 50–to–75-ohm equal-delay transformer.

312 pages, hardcover. Fourth Edition, © 1996, 2001 by Noble Publishing Corporation.


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