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PSK31 interface.
A look inside.

This interface was built to allow isolated connections between both the radio transceiver and a computer for PSK31 usage. This is really no different to other Computer Assisted Transceiver (CAT) designs that use an optocoupler for the PTT and audio transformers for receive and transmit audio. This provides complete isolation - no ground loops, etc. So, you may find this type of interface also suitable for PC-ALE, Digipan, HamScope and the like. I was lucky that Paul, VK5AB, had designed a surface mount pcb that is small and neat!
PSK31 interface
The schematic.

Here's a schematic that's similar to what's been used. Resistor combinations may need to be adjusted for the correct audio signal levels required for your operating equipment. The variable resistor, for example, can be replaced by fixed values, etc. The overall idea being, to keep separate the pc ground from the radio ground.
PSK31 schematic
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