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Kite portable.
Using a kite for portable operation.

Find a good spot. Preferably one without overhead cables. Look for any available counterpoises and suitable grounds.
Car & ground location

I've driven a small stake next to an existing galvanised wire fence and used a jumper lead to connect them together. Then, bond it also to the antenna (rf) ground point.
Ground location
Connect the kite reel....

Connect the wire winder to the antenna and the wire to the kite.
Kite winder
Release the kite..

This kite is a single French Military kite.
Single French Military Kite
What are the signals like?

Full scale for the local Sunday morning WIA broadcast on 160m. Check the signal levels on both transmit and receive and you'll be pleasantly surprised. I was grinning from ear to ear.
Radio remote control panel
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