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Kite antenna.
Using a kite and a piece of wire.

This photo shows the multi-strand stainless steel wire (about 35 metres was used) attached via a crocodile clip to the top of the autotune antenna. The wire is also connected to an insulator which is tethered to the base of the antenna, via a piece of nylon cord. The car is earthed via a jumper cable to an earth stake,which is also in turn, connected to a three wire counterpoise. Signal reports on 160m were excellent. The wire needs to be an odd multiple 1/4 wavelength for use on this and other bands with this type of antenna.
Antenna connection
"Thar she blows!"

The kite is a commercially made French Military type.
Kite and wire on 160m
Update - Kite antenna reel attachement for the 9350 antenna

Here we can see the winder attached to the top of the antenna. The wire has attachment loops used for securing the wire on the different amateur radio frequency bands.
Kite winder
"Kite or fishing? !!!"

The reel I used is an Alvey brand, model 40B. Relatively cheap and easy to retract the wire.
Kite winder - rear view
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