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Balloon antenna.
Using some ballons and a piece of wire.

This photo shows the hookup wire (28 metres used) attached via a crocodile clip to the top of the autotune antenna. The wire is also connected to an insulator which is tethered to the base of the antenna, via a piece of nylon cord. The car is earthed via a jumper cable (not shown) to an earth stake,which is also in turn, jumpered to a nearby wire fence. Signal reports on 160m were excellent. The wire would need to be shortened (< 1/4 wave) for use on other bands.
Antenna connection
Up, up and awaaaay!

The two balloons and the hookup wire work extremely well, - when there is no wind! This is the best method on an absolutely windless day or evening. Soon as the wind comes up, though, down the balloons go!! Even in slight breezes. Not recommended if there is to be any hint of a wind.
Ballons and wire on 160m

Balloon size comparison view.
The two balloons are shown next to a 4 foot 40 watt fluoro fitting to give you the idea of how big the balloons are in size. These are mylar type party balloons filled with Helium, available from local party suppliers. Both fit in the back seat area of my small car.
Ballon size comparison
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