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Roger Beep.
The proto board used for testing.

The original idea came from Andrew, VK5ZUC, using a programmed PIC constructed as a dongle and inserted into the rear microphone socket, with the hand-held microphone on the front socket of the Icom 706 radio. It was a simple solution and allows for easy connection / disconnection. The pre-programmed pic and a prototyping pcb kit for the Pic-Axe chip I used,was kindly supplied by Andrew and didn't take long to wire up and try! I used this board and modified Andrew's circuit a little to get the similar on-air result. This was so easy and so successful, I bought a PicAxe starter kit and started programming another with some alternative code and that worked too!! PicAxes are really so easy to program and play with.
Pic-Axe prototype board
The Roger Beep schematic

Roger Beep schematic
The program - courtesy of Andrew, VK5ZUC.

Here's the program code for the -08M PicAxe chip.

   low 0
   goto pttpos
   if input3 is off then pttneg
   goto pttpos
   if input3 is on then beep
   goto pttneg
   high 0
   pause 100
   sound 2, (118,5)
   low 0
   pause 50
   goto pttpos
Final version

Here's a view of the veroboard layout.
Roger Beep on veroboard
Here's a view of my dongle I use with the IC-7000.
Enclosed Roger Beep
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