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Antenna bracket for the car
Original bracket under the car.

Make use of what already exists - and remove it - save the screws!
Original bracket
Make an alternative.

Utilising the existing screws and mounting points, use the original bracket as a guide to mark and drill the holes in the new bracket.

New bracket base
Make a tongue and shape the bits.

Here we can see the new mounting tongue and the shaped bracket base.
The main bits
Marking out!

This is the tedious bit. Mounting the base, putting the tongue in the different positions and marking them on the pieces for good alignment. This can happen several times - you really want to make sure it swings the way it is supposed to!
Marking out
Stick out ya tongue!

This photo shows the mounting tongue completed with mounting hole, the end shaped for the end stop and painted with metal primer.
Mounting tongue
Basic bracket completed and primed

This shows the bracket ready for some additions and fine tuning....
Basic bracket completed
Top view

Here's we can see the bracket from the top. The main bolt used has 16mm diameter, and will have two nuts to secure the bolt. One nut will be welded to the bracket and the other will provide additional security to lock the nut and bolt so it doesn't move - once we have it in it's final position. (We need a small amount of clearance so the tongue can swivel from side to side.)
Top view of bracket
Bottom view with stops and locking pin

Here's we can see the bracket upended for clarity, so we can see the end stops and the locking pin arrangement. End stops are used to limit travel in either direction and the locking pin is to secure the antenna in it's travelling position.
Bottom view with stops and lock
Bottom view - locked

This photo shows the travelling position - where the tongue is against the side end stop and the hinged locking pin is down through the tongue and base - which locks the tongue in position. The lever is spring loaded.
Bottom view of bracket in lock position
Bottom view - released

Once the lever has been moved towards the tonge - against the spring action - the pin is lifted out of the hole in the base, via the plastic cantilever arragement, allowing the tongue to swing. Here we can also see the tongue end against the end stop, limiting it's travel in that direction.
Bottom view - released
Bottom view - released - up close

Here's a close-up showing the pin in the release position, the spring and the lever.You may even see the bevel in the side end stop. Most of the plastic parts will be replaced with harder wearing metal alternatives.
Bottom view close up - released
And here's the finished product

Here's the bracket installed and in the locked position on the car with the antenna.
Bottom view close up - released
Out the way!

To move, just lift the lever and slide the assembly to the side - out the way!
Bracket mounted in the unlocked position
Left side - clearance view

Left side view showing clearance between antenna and bumper.
Left side view of clearance
and lastly...

Final view, showing the clearance from the right side.
Right side clearance
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