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Using tent poles to get a bit of height!
  Yes - they do work surprisingly well!

We all know that an easy way to set up some temporary antennas is to use the extendable aluminium tent poles that are available at most camping stores. Did you also know, that you could also use two of them to not only get some additional height, but you also can make it rotatable - via the armstrong method, of course!
  You will need to make 2 support "plates".

You can make them from anything, really. As long as they are weatherproof and withstand the loading at the top! I made mine from two pieces of scrap plywood - soaked with supa-glue! I didn't have any varnish - so that had to do!! Hi !!!
  Here are some pics of the plates - painted.

During the holiday break, I finally got to paint those plates with some marine grade varnish.
  Drill some holes and trial fit.

It would make sense to have two poles of the same type - else, drilling the right hole combinations could get tricky. My poles were the same. so, I just needed to clamp the two pieces together for drilling. I was lucky and had the right drill bit for the smaller hole and a holesaw for the larger diameter tubing. Just allow for a small physical separation between the two poles when assembled. See pix above.
  Bottom plate looks ok.

This pic shows the "bottom" plate and the two poles. The plate sits on the plastic clamp assembly of the lower pole while the spike of the upper pole goes through the plate from the top.
  Top plate looks good, too.

This pic shows the "top" plate and the two poles. This time, the plate sits on the spike of the lower pole while the plate sits under the clamp assembly of the upper pole. (mmm ... did I get that right ?) In case you hadn't noticed - or, I failed to mention, that, the one pole needs to be inverted to the other, for this kind of assembly to work.
  What's on top?

This pic shows the top load. Probably a bit much - but - it is only temporary, right?
What I've got mounted up there is - a dual 2metre/70cm j-pole right up top; followed by a 5 element 2 metre ZL Special and then an 18 element Parabeam for 70cms. And, yes, it does swing - er - rotate quite easily.
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