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A visit to the Aircraft Museum in Darwin.
  Yes - highly recommended!

Well worth a visit. The main display is the B52 bomber, donated to the museum by the Americans after they flew their 40 odd other B52s back to America. The donation was in recognition of Australia's role in the Alliance. This was the last one (minus some important bits!) There are helicopters, jets, ultralights, etc. Only a smidgeon is shown in the photos here.
  Yep. That tail almost touches the roof!

That B52 is really big. These small aircraft look like toys, by comparison.
  Rows of engines.

Under the wings were various engines from various aircraft. Here is a genuine 12 cylinder radial!
  Wings have wheels too!

You can see the outrigger wheel of the B52 suspended in mid air. That's normal. The wings are so long.... The tail of a Spitfire can be seen under the outer edge.
  Bomb bay doors are open!

There's a guy crouching at the far end taking a picture, too.
  One of the wheel wells.

This pic shows the inards of the wheel well. There's all sorts of electrics, hydraulics and wire pulleys! It is huge. The pictures does not do it justice.
  This is a wing!

This pic shows the underside of one of the main wings with the flaps fully extended. You can see the rear exhaust of the Sabre jet engine and the Gypsy Major and Tiger Moth engines.
  Dummy bombs

The plaque says these are dummy bombs which were used to determine various bomb drop characteristics for the different types of bombs used.
  Really long hanger.

This pic shows the really big plane in a really long hanger. The engine nacelles are empty. There is a curved blade from a wrecked engine below the nacelles, pointing upwards.
  More displays.

This pic shows some of the displays. Real fighter aircraft engine remains. Real war-time photos and information. The was a glass walkthrough that showed typical uniforms and clothing worn from the time period. Real history on display.
  B52 cockpit

This pic shows the stairway up to the the cockpit window. When you look inside, you can see that it would not have been all that comfortable a ride! Pretty basic interior and not much comfort.
  Super Sabre jet engine

This pic shows the engine from the Sabre jet which was on the other side of the building. I missed taking photos of the jet due to the musuem closing early that day! I could have spent another half hour taking more photos.

Most people would know what a Spitfire was, wouldn't they?
  Another angle.

This pic shows another view of the "Grey Nurse".
  And another

You can never have too many pictures of Spitties. Here we can see genuine machine guns on display at floor level recovered from some wreckage.
  Tail under the B52 wing

This pic shows the reverse view of a previous photo. Well, sort of.
  A Mitchell Bomber.

This plane was presented in different pieces. This allowed appreciation of what these aircraft were really like. The round mass on the far right was the dual machine gun turret assembly, mounted on a stand, so you could stick you head in a get a feel of what it was like with a machine gun on either side of you!
  Mitchell tail section

Self explanatory really.. Still, it does look big - because it is!
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