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160 metre linear loaded antenna
  The end support

This is one rather large antenna for a suburban backyard. It's not mounted above the fence, rather, diagonally across the yard to the supporting mast base.

The principle is to feed a dipole at the top of a mast. The dipole arms slope down and then come back to the mast base. The arm is then "folded back" on itself (linear loading), back to the point of the first support. Like half a triangle where the base is fed back on itself. This adds more capacitance at the end allowing the antenna to be shorter than "normal".
  The linear portion.

Here you can see that the spacing can be easily acheived by the use of spreaders. I used some plastic pvc ducting spaced 2 metres apart and secured with cable ties to acheive this result.

The result produced a reasonable antenna and works. Compared to the 1/8 wave, local received signals were down an S point or two, noise was slightly up and local transmit was reported down from the usual level. VSWR across the band is excellent.
  The original antenna looked like this.

This antenna does work - it does need height to work well. It is essentially an inverted vee style and can be scaled for other bands, too.
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