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The Icom IC-7000 radio
  The lil' black box!

This is really one awesome radio! 100 watts on HF, 50 watts on VHF, 35 watts on UHF and colour VHF tv to boot! (PAL) See www.icom.net.au for the specs - too numerous to mention. I'll try and get some better pictures - when time permits.
  PAL TV on an IC-7000!

Yes. I know. Kids' tv channel. My photography skills are crap. What you can hopefully see here, is to prove that the 7000 can display local television channels (analogue). The pictures on the 7000 really are as good as normal tv viewing - I just took the picture without any real setting up.
  The three amigos!

Here you can see the three Kenwood transceivers the IC7000 could replace. On the left, the TS-711A & the TS-811A "pigeon pair". Both are 25 watt all-mode transceivers (2m & 70cm). These were used for local and satellite work. The unit on the right is the TS-120S 100 watt all-mode transceiver. Yes. I did have a Kenwood thing....
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