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Back yard 10 metre flagpole - antenna tower!
  A bit more semi-permanent antenna mounting stick!

I really do need some height when using wire antennas. So, I built this 10 metre wooden flagpole. It is able to be raised and lowered reasonably easily - with two people. Safety should be considered during any construction and you should not really work alone when raising or lowering structures.

You can see the two tomato stakes that were tied together to make a 4 metre pole to the left of the new white flagpole. These were used as a temporary solution.

The bottom section was made from two by 6 metre pieces of permapine. 1 metre was cut from each length to form the T-section base that went in the ground. The top section was cut to provide the middle support block and lowered and bolted into the top section of the two bottom pieces.
  The base construction.

Here you can see the T-section base and the through-the-base bolts. The T-section provides additional support
  The base-section.

The upper-most bolt is removed and the lower one is loosened when lowering the flagpole.

The timber needs to be shaped to allow the flagpole to clear the rear support when lowering.
  The previous version!

Here you can see the overloaded tomato stakes. The bend is semi-permanent, due to the loading and rain. So, they've been retired back to the garden bed! The shadow of the new mast can be seen on the right. Two of the guy wires can be seen at the at the top of the photo. These are secured with an eye-bolt through the shed frame.
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