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Aerial Analyser Kit - modified
  Yes. I built one too!

This is an excellent little project for those who have some electronic kit building experience and want to build an antenna analyser that won't cost the earth and can be used to see if that antenna will resonate at the intended frequency of use! Hi !!
Information for this kit is available from the SCARC website. South Coast Amateur Radio Club.
I've also loaded the new code in the PIC chip which allows L & C measurement, too. This is also available at the web site listed.
  It's been modded.

Yes. I modded this unit with an additional coil so it can "see" frequencies in the 50MHz region. (22 to 56MHz actually.) The rotary switch needs to have the extra position enabled before assembly! I still have to label this position on the front panel. Here, you can see my display shows 56.217 MHz. This should allow me to check those antennas on 6M.
  The low end of 50MHz switch setting.

Here, you can see the lower frequency of 22.792 MHz of the extra switch position.
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