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Coaxial dipoles on 2m & 70cm.
  2metre and 70cm Coaxial Dipoles (Double Bazooka type)

What an easy way to set up some temporary antennas for 2m and 70 cm! I made both antennas with RG58 coax and slipped the into some electrical conduit. They tuned up a treat! and are both flat (vswr) across the bands, too. Add a couple of u-bolts, a scrap piece of aluminium and an extendable tent pole - and you could be set up for field or emergency use fairly quickly. (See VE3SQB's website for free antenna design program for this and other antennas. (www.ve3sqb.com) For pictures of the "bits" of one of these antennas, have a look here www.ve3sqb.com/hamaerials/on4cfc/id29.htm.
2 mtr vswr   Here's the vswr spec of the 2 metre antenna.

Not bad for a bit of coax!
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